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Chania Paleochora Excursion


Looking for Chania excursions? Our Chania Paleochora excursion is friendly, reliable and comes tailored to your purpose. Transporter Chania operates 365 days/year, 24hours/day, enjoy the luxury of a private excursion with a mini bus and visit one of top attractions of Chania.


Chania excursions to Paleochora


A private excursion in Chania area is possibly the best thing you can organize yourself to “upgrade” your holidays in Crete. And with Transporter Chania, this excursion is just a step away: If you have made up your mind about where you want to go, just use our online form to let us know your favourite destination, and the number of passengers travelling (up to 8), and we’ll get you there!


Regarding the best excursion in Chania, this is always a matter of personal taste, but if this is your first excursion in Chania, please let us recommend the “Queen of the Libyan Sea”, Paleochora.


Our recommendation for your private excursion in Chania: Paleochora


Paleochora is the most known destination in the south coast of the Chania prefecture. It was one of the first small villages in Crete to become a known destination by itself, decades ago.


Paleochora should be your first destination when you organize an excursion in the south of Chania. The climate here is mild all year round, and many locals and visitors swim even in winter. And there are a lot of splendid beaches in and around Paleochora, as you will see in more detail below.


Paleochora used to be inhabited for many centuries, and its strategic position on top of a small peninsula had led the Venetians to build a big castle here to protect the area. You can still find some remnants of the “Castel Selino”, as it was called, in the outskirts of the village, close to the harbour. The name of the castle has given its name to the whole area, which is called “Selino” until the present day.


Possibly the most charming aspect of Paleochora is its village centre. In spring and summer, the centre of the village gets pedestrianized after sunset, and all the taverns and cafes fill the roads with tables, which in turn fill with vibrant and lively locals and visitors alike.


Paleochora has this magical feeling, that makes you want to come back again and again. It is not a coincidence that in the weekends of August it is sometimes difficult to book a room, as, apart from visitors, many locals from Chania city make their own excursions to Paleochora.


Get more from your private excursion in Chania: Discover the Paleochora beaches


Paleochora is a paradise for people who love great beaches and who cannot imagine summer vacations without a lot of swimming. In fact, in and around Paleochora there are no less than 10 great beaches.


We in Transporter Chania can extend your excursion to Paleochora, and get you easily to the beach of your liking around the village. And you have a lot of beaches to choose from.


Pahia Ammos, Chalikia, Keratides, Anydri, Volakas, Karavopetra, Plakaki, Grammeno, Krios, and Limnaki. All of these beaches lie in and around Paleochora. All of this beaches are great excursions around Paleochora, Chania, waiting for you to organize them.


Just let your driver know your beach preference: sandy or pebbly, with warm or cold water, popular or isolated, and he will drive you to the best beach for you, in the 18 kilometres of splendid coastline in the area of Paleochora.


Paleochora is one of the best destinations for a private excursion in the Chania area. As the most known destination in the south of Chania, it is a place that is easy to visit with our private minivan.


Paleochora, along with other top destinations, await you for a magical excursion in Chania. Don’t think too much about it: Organize now your private excursion to Paleochora, let Transporter Chania get you there, and sit back, relax, and experience some of the very best Crete has to offer.

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