Elafonisi is located on the west coast of Crete, 75 kilometers southwest from the city of Chania. Elafonisi beach has been voted by Trip Advisor readers as the 10th most beautiful beach in the world, 3rd in all of Europe and first in the country. It is the most visited beach in Crete since nearly everyone spends a day in Elafonisi during their stay in Crete. As soon as you get there you instantly realise the reason why.


You literally witness paradise on earth. Crystal clear shallow waters encompassing all the shades of green and blue, embrace an endless fine, pink sandy beach. The colour of the sand is the product of millions of shell shivers, accumulated on the west coast. The uniqueness of the landscape led to its imperative need for its preservation. Thus, the area is protected by the environmental network Natura 2000.


Either for families or for those seeking privacy, there is a piece of heaven for everyone. For those that want convenience, you will find beach chairs and umbrellas, beach bars that offer food and drinks as well as some chemical toilets. For the more adventurous, if you distance yourself from the organized beaches, you will encounter many private, peaceful coves; however don’t forget to bring along equipment for shade and at least a bottle of water. Once you find your spot you will stay there for hours on end.


Places we can visit on our way to Elafonisi.


Chrisoskalitissa Monastery
It is an extraordinary white washed monastery, among the most famous ones in Crete, located high on a rock, overlooking the Libyan sea. According to the legend, in 1824, on Easter Sunday, the Turkish – Egyptian occupants attacked and destroyed everything in the area. They destroyed 10 churches and when they got to the monastery of Chrisoskalitissa, a big swarm of bees attacked them and saved the monastery. On February of 1907, the Austrian ship Imperatrix sank on the shores of Elafonisi and the monks managed to save 108 passengers from the ship.

In 1940, the monastery accepted only for women and in 1944, it became a German base at the area.


Agia sofia cave
Having passed the Topolia tunnel, there is a fantastic cave with a little church, named after Agia Sofia. The cave is very impressive with its stalactite and stalagmite formations.


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