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Book your Elafonisi Chania Crete transfer online. If you want to book Elafonisi Chania Crete transfer in advance, you are in the right place! Transporter will help you to book your private transfer to Elafonisi allowing you to spend your travelling time relaxed and comfortable whilst avoiding waiting times.


Transfer from Chania to Elafonisi beach


Quality private transportation in Chania has never been so easy. The Transporter Chania minivan is at your service to visit all the diverse sights and the splendid beaches the area of Chania has to offer.


The municipality of Chania is a wonderful small world, that awaits to be discovered. So go on, give us a try, and find a new kind of travelling experience.


Get to the famous Elafonisi beach with a private transfer from Chania.


If you are a group or family of up to 8 people, there is no better way to get to know the amazing beaches in the Chania area, than travelling with Transporter Chania. This way, you have your own private minivan, and your own personal driver, who, apart from being a seasoned professional in his job, also acts as a guide when you need him to.


One of the best ways to use private transportation, is to visit the amazing Elafonisi beach, one of the natural wonders of Crete. Elafonisi, widely known as the “pink sand” beach of Chania, lies in a distance of about 75 kilometres from Chania city, close to the southwest edge of Crete island.


In essence, Elafonisi is a real tropical beach in southern Europe, with shallow turquoise waters, and its characteristic pink sand, which takes its colour from the abundant seashells in the area. Elafonisi is a Natura 2000 protected area with a flora and fauna unique all over Europe. Year after year, this one-of-a-kind beach is voted one of the best beaches in Greece.


Getting to Elafonisi by public bus is not easy, but when you have your own private transportation, your visit to Elafonisi can become an experience you will remember for years to come.


Chrisoskalitissa monastery – One of the most historic monasteries in Chania that is accessible by private transportation


Chrisoskalitissa monastery, or monastery of St. Mary of the Golden Stair, is an impressive monastery a few kilometres north of Elafonisi beach, and a great sight to see when going to Elafonisi.


The monastery has taken its name from the legendary golden stair in its big entrance staircase, where the monks used to hide the treasures of the monastery during the Ottoman occupation of Crete. According to the legend, only the faithful ones could see the golden stair.


The monastery had taken a very active role in the turbulent era of the uprisings in Crete against Ottoman rule and is still a symbol of the struggle of the Cretan people for independence. It is one of the rare hidden places, that are not easy to find if you don’t have your own private transportation.


After you get inside the monastery’s yard, don’t forget to get to the other side of the yard and look towards the sea. You will be impressed to see how skilfully the monastery was built on top of the rugged terrain, on an elevation just upon the rocky shores.


We in Transporter Chania have cherry-picked the best locations in the Chania area, like Elafonisi pink-sand beach and Chrisoskalitissa monastery, and we offer you the chance to visit these amazing places in the most convenient way possible. Come in contact with us, and transform your next holidays to Chania to an unforgettable experience. Come in touch with the real heart of Chania, by using your own private, dependable, and easy transportation.

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